WordPress, Email, Storage and Domain Hosting



How does our PAYG hosting plan work?

You can start with a basic $2 AUD per month service fee (including 1 GB of Storage space) then add or remove as many WordPress websites and IMAP mailboxes as you actually need. We also offer Nextcloud storage to sync and share your files, contacts and calendars along with various other collaboration features.

Each WordPress website, IMAP mailbox, Nextcloud login and extra 1 GB storage slot start at $1 AUD per month ($10/yr) with discounts for bulk orders. A single WordPress website plus one IMAP mailbox would cost $40 per year. Then for example, if you add an extra IMAP mailbox and 2 x 1GB storage slots (3 GB total) then that would be $69.20 per year.

You can change the currency and billing cycle from monthly to annually (for a 16% discount) within the shopping cart and there is a further 10% discount for payments via Paypal.