WordPress, Email, Storage and Domain Hosting



How does our PAYG hosting plan work?

You can start with a basic $2 AUD per month service fee (including 1 GB of Storage space) then add or remove as many WordPress websites and IMAP mailboxes as you actually need. We also offer Nextcloud storage to sync and share your files, contacts and calendars along with various other collaboration features.

Each WordPress website, IMAP mailbox, Nextcloud login and extra 1 GB storage slot start at $1 AUD per month ($10/yr) with discounts for bulk orders. A single WordPress website plus one IMAP mailbox would cost $40 per year. Then for example, if you add an extra IMAP mailbox and 2 x 1GB storage slots (3 GB total) then that would be $69.20 per year.

You can change the currency and billing cycle from monthly to annually (for a 16% discount) within the shopping cart and there is a further 10% discount for payments via Paypal.

WordPress Hosting

We specialise in providing fast and secure WordPress hosting with optional worldwide content delivery support via Cloudflare. The origin web servers are based on finely tuned nginx and PHP7 FPM configurations to enable the fastest delivery speeds possible. Each WordPress install comes with the Elementor Page Builder ready for you to login and start creating your site.

Email Hosting

Our secure IMAP service comes with a personalised SPAM filter and SPF, DKIM and DMARC email header support which, along with DNSSEC (Secure DNS), provides the best outgoing delivery options to help your messages avoid landing in the recipients Spam/Junk folder. We do not provide POP services as it will not work with our custom SPAM filter or multiple devices.

Storage Hosting

A Nextcloud login comes with 1 GB of storage space so you can store your Contacts, Calendars and share documents and moderately sized files. More storage space can be purchased for $10 AUD per year per 1 GB with discounts for bulk orders. There are also other facilities available such as a desktop and mobile sync client, Webmail, Chat service, RSS, Notes and Tasks, Photo Gallery viewer and a audio/video player.

Domain Hosting

Search for a new domain or transfer your current domain to us and we will make sure your domains DNS service is available from at least 15 locations around the world. For VPS customers, we also make sure your domain is secure with DNSSEC and also provide your domain with your own "vanity nameservers" so that a Whois lookup returns your own ns1 and ns2.your.domain as the official nameservers for your domain.

Notes About Our Hosting Services

We provide general hosting related support via our support ticket system, Mobile/SMS or Spreed WebRTC  if you have a laptop webcam and a reasonable headset with microphone (contact us for an appointment.) If you require personalised support for your particular computer system, mobile phone, WordPress design or VPS server setup then you need to purchase hourly support at $60 AUD per hour.

Our PAYG hosting plan includes unmetered bandwidth for normal web and mail traffic but abusive traffic trends will get our attention and may lead to suspended services.

Our servers are mirrored via Rsync every night to offsite backup servers. All files can be restored from the previous day upon request. Long-term incremental snapshot backups are the responsibility of the client, however, we are more than happy to help facilitate your backup procedure via SFTP, Rsync or even NFS if you have a static IP. Just submit a support ticket and we will provide specific instructions for your particular situation.